MOLD - Please Read This !!!

It is what we do not see in the air that can harm us. If we see spots of mold on a wall is it alive and producing spores into the air and making your family sick?

We perform indoor air quality and mold inspections working for you as an independant third party. We have no vested interest in repairs so be very careful of any Tampa mold inspector that does remediation also. We will recommend the right people if repairs and remediation are needed for you.

Our families health is worth quite a bit especially after numerous doctor visits with no results. Did you know a simple indoor air quality inspection and microbiology testing could find the cause of sneezing, headaches, coughing, or just that sense of not quite feeling right.      727 643-3120 Clearwater Beach FL


Many of our clients mention that when they are at home they feel bad but once they leave the home they feel better and returning home they feel bad again. This also holds true for people going to work once they get to work they feel bad then leave the office and feel better.  Dundein Florida 727 643-3120

We will do a full assessment of the home or office looking for any signs of indoor air contaminents or mold spores. Next we do air sampling by using an air pump that literally pulls in the air and traps these contaminants.
We then take these spore trap samples to a microbiologist for testing and checking for over twenty different forms of mold and allergens.           727 643-3120 Largo Fl

We will then forward the test results to you via email and review the findings with you and a course of remediation or clean up. If found early enough cleaning and disinfecting is easy with most homeowners able to do this themselves.     Texas Click Here 

The tricky thing about indoor air quality testing is the things we do not see in the air that can hurt us. Stachybotrys toxic mold or as it is called black mold of course will leave signs of it's presence but many more molds just stay in the air. St. Petersburg FL 727 643-3120

Petri dishes are available at Lowes and Home Depot but they will not tell you what type mold is present nor will they tell you how much is in the air.

We are in the business of trying to make our clients feel better when they don't know which way to turn after trying numerous medications and many doctor visits.          

30 years expertise.  727 643-3120 Florida

 Stucco Inspection starts at  $395.00 includes moisture   testing and full reporting.

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Mold Inspections Indoor Air Quality starts at $295.00 2 samples, testing, and report. Call us today we will help.

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Stucco Inspections - Beware Repair Companies

At All Stucco and Mold Inspections Inc. our name preceeds us in quality, honest, timely, and courteous service as we are dedicated to you our customer today. 727 643-3120  Tampa Bay Florida.      
Our mission at All Stucco Inspections Inc. is working for you as a independent third party stucco or EIFS home inspection company.
We have no vested interest in repairs but we can give you a list of contractors if needed and we will protect you from companies in Atlanta doing stucco inspections and repairs.
If you do not hire us be sure you hire a company like us as an independent thrd party.
We can save you money and answer your questions about stucco, eifs, synthetic stucco,hardcoat, water damage, termite infestation, elastomeric coatings, Dow Corning caulking, moisture free warranty, and stucco bond.    Conroe Texas 936 525-7609
Many home inspection companies are new to stucco or eifs which could hurt in the sale of a home or cost homeowners a lot of money in repair costs.
We have inspected over 20,000 stucco homes Certified Moisture Free Warranty Inspector.
Our experience in eifs and stucco home inspections, chemistry, litigation, manufacturing, technical specifications, research, and development in this industry is unsurpassed. Tampa 727 643-3120
Stucco homeowners or buyers rest assured that if these products are installed and maintained properly they will last as long if not longer than brick, wood, vinyl, or any siding system.
All Stucco Inspections Inc. does the following:
*Full moisture testing and inspection.
*Photographs of any needed upgrades.
*Written report documenting observations.
*Stucco report is ready quickly after inspection.
*List of independant certified contractors.

Please note:Testing equipment is 50% of the stucco inspection the other 50% is our experience.
Can you trust your lifetime investment with novice home inspectors or repair companies?
"We know stucco..." St. Petersburg FL 727 643-3120

Beware of stucco repair companies doing stucco inspections which is a conflict of interest costing Florida homeowners on average between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00 of unneeded repairs.
Be sure to call us first or as a second opinion to these stucco companies.
If you do not use All Stucco Inspections be sure who you hire is a totally independant third party inspection which our company always has been and always will be. We have no vested interest in repairs and high repair bills as we work for you to save money.  Scott Zaeske first stucco inspector in US.

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 Scott Zaeske 20 years experience   20,000 inspections completed.